Self Care

50 simple self-care strategies

We are all so busy with life, work, paying bills, to-do lists, looking after everyone else…so that we sometimes forget to look after us! We matter! Hey, we need a little TLC too! Here are some simple ideas that you can do today to nurture, pamper, rejuvenate, centre and soothe yourself. Enjoy. You deserve it. xo

  1. Get some fresh air and sunshine
  2. Pick some flowers or greens that make you happy and place in a pretty jar
  3. Cuddle a pet
  4. Practice slow conscious deep breathing. Breathe in deeply through your nose, hold for 4 seconds, breathe out for 4 and repeat…
  5. Read a book or poem that you love
  6. Make a pot of your favourite tea
  7. Drink water with fresh lemon, lime and/or mint 
  8. Have a bubble bath with epsom salts added
  9. Burn your favourite essential oils
  10. Take a break from your phone
  11. Colour in
  12. Hug someone you love
  13. Light a favourite candle
  14. Write down 3 things you’re grateful for
  15. Walk along the beach or by a lake or river. Water is so healing and soothing
  16. Call or catch-up with a close friend
  17. Get 3 simple things done from your ‘to-do’ list
  18. Visit a museum, botanical gardens or art gallery
  19. Print out 3 inspiring quotes and pin them somewhere you’ll see often
  20. Take a nap
  21. Bribe a friend or family member into rubbing your shoulders or feet for 20 minutes. Bliss
  22. Watch a sunset or sunrise
  23. Cook a favourite meal
  24. Learn a new skill or take up a new hobby
  25. Play your favourite song
  26. Clear out a cluttered area and donate any good quality items that you no longer use or need
  27. Clean or tidy a messy area that’s been stressing  You’ll feel so much better and lighter
  28. Journal
  29. Watch a favourite movie
  30. Eat only fresh fruit and veg for 24 hours
  31. Say no
  32. Do some craft
  33. Do a DIY facial or hair treatment
  34. Visit your favourite café
  35. Have a no-alcohol week or month
  36. Learn to take great photos. There are awesome free tutorials on Youtube and Pintrest. 🙂 
  37. Have a pyjama day
  38. Read a favourite magazine
  39. Make a list of 3 negative things or people in your life and come up with some solutions to eliminate or minimise these
  40. Do your nails or give yourself a nice hot hand and foot soak with essential oils and epsom salts
  41. Put on fresh bed sheets
  42. Print out 3 inspiring affirmations, put them on your mirror and say them each day
  43. Sprinkle a little lavender oil on your pillows or fresh lavender cuttings under your pillow
  44. Have a good cry
  45. Try to stay in the now, and not in yesterday or tomorrow.
  46. Meditate or learn to meditate. You’ll find lots of free info on YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest
  47. Create a little happy space in your home or garden. Maybe a have a chair there that you love, a candle, a fave book, a throw…anything makes your heart happy
  48. Make a fresh juice
  49. Skip, dance, jiggle, wiggle…
  50. Smile, laugh, giggle and be silly