Simple ways to drink more water everyday (and enjoy it!)

Simple ways to drink more water everyday (and enjoy it!)

We all know that water is great for us. All the health experts and health gurus tell us to drink more water. Every other health-related Instagram post has a photo of water infused with lemon 🍋 in a cute jar with a perfectly shaped ice-cube and retro straw. We get it. We know that we should drink more water. We know that somewhere between 4 and 10 glasses is probably ideal (it varies from person to person and should be based on how you feel). We know it’s good for us. However, like many things that we ‘should’ do, many of us don’t drink enough water. That’s why I’d like to share with you some ideas to help you to drink more water everyday without too much effort (and actually enjoy it!).

Before we start, a quick run-through of why we really do benefit from drinking water:

  • Our bodies are 60 per cent water and we lose water everyday through sweat, urination, breathing and more and this needs to be replaced to avoid dehydration
  • Water helps our cells and muscles to maintain necessary fluids and electrolytes and without enough water we experience muscle and performance fatigue
  • Water helps our brains! Studies show that a loss of approximately two per cent of our bodily fluid can result in declining mental function and impaired concentration
  • Water helps to flush toxins from our system, keeping us looking and feeling our best. Water helps to reduce the risk the likelihood of kidney stones and urinary tract infections
  • Water keeps us hydrated which keeps our skin looking its best and helps to keep dry skin and fine lines at bay
  • Our immune systems are boosted and supported through drinking water and allows us to better avoid or minimise colds, flu and other bugs
  • Weight loss is aided by drinking water as it fills us and suppresses the appetite, reduces the likelihood of mindless eating, increases the metabolism and has no calories!
  • Water consumption is great for mental health too! It gives us more energy and hydration to exercise which gives us the all important endorphins, reduces stress and improves sleep!
  • If we have kids, by increasing our intake of water, we set a great example for them and encourage them to do the same.
  • Most importantly, drinking enough water helps us to feel (and be) our best and healthiest selves. Liquid magic!


OK, enough preaching! 😉 Now here are some simple things that will help you to drink more water everyday.


Get a water bottle (or jug and glass) that you love and keep it somewhere that you can see (like on your desk)! If you have a vessel that you love the look and feel of, then you’ll be much more inclined to drink more water everyday. I used to have a water bottle that I loved but I lost it when we moved so I need to find a replacement. A friend I saw recently swears by one that keeps her water icy chilled all day whilst another loves a fancy bottle with in-built filter and level measure whilst another loves her clear glass jug filled with water, ice and lemon her desk which she pours into a fave glass. Whatever works for you. It just needs to be something that you love the look and feel of and that is easy or pleasant to drink from.


I like my water icy cold, with some freshly squeezed lemon and sometimes with a little mint added. That is perfection to me. Find what you love and drinking water will be far less of a chore. You might like it cold or room temperature; plain or with lemon, lime or orange; flat or bubbly courtesy of a sodastream…just find the taste and style you love and drink up.


To create the habit of drinking more water, I personally needed to keep track and set reminders. I did this old style with pen and paper but you can also use an app or spreadsheet. Once again, whatever works for you. You can also get water bottles with in-built water-tracking and measures. The 365 Simplified Daily Planner has a water tracker on it – and here are a bunch of water tracking/reminder apps –


Herbal tea can absolutely count towards your water intake. Just make sure that they are caffeine-free, natural and unsweetened. I like green tea (decaf after my first cup), peppermint and chamomile. I drink sooooooo many cups a day and tend to reuse the teabag or leaves for every few cups and add lemon and ginger. Herbal teas can be great for keeping up water intake on those chilly or lower energy days.

5. EAT YOUR H20!

If you are having difficulty with creating the habit of drinking more water, consider also increasing your intake of high water content foods like cucumber, zucchini, watermelon and grapefruit which are all more than 90% water.


6. H20 TO GO
Anytime you are heading out, take a bottle of water with you. This will remind you to drink up, keep you hydrated, stop you from wasting money on buying water, help the environment by cutting down on the purchase of plastic water bottles and will also keep you feeling more alert and energetic. Yay!


Make a deal with yourself that if you are going to drink alcohol that you will have one large glass of water for every half glass of alcohol. This will really increase your water intake and likely also reduce you alcohol consumption (and hangover the next day!).

Write down a commitment to drinking more water everyday and stick this commitment on to the fridge, tap or mirror. This will help you to remember and to remain accountable.


If drinking water is really difficult for you, consider setting a timeframe. Maybe you can commit to drinking an extra two glasses of water for one month. Do that and then review. I suspect that by the end of that month you’ll be on your way to creating a habit and feeling so good that you’ll want to keep drinking the extra water. It’s worth a shot.


If drinking more water is something that you really want to do but are finding hard, try incentivising it by creating a reward when you reach a goal. Maybe when you reach the one month mark of drinking extra water everyday, you can treat yourself to a new gorgeous water bottle, a massage, a book or a day at the beach. 

So go and drink up my lovelies and enjoy all those fabulous physical, mental and aesthetic benefits. Cheers. xo